About us

The SEMBRA brand specialises in urban garden kits for children and adults to learn successfully how to sow and grow vegetables and aromatic plants in the garden or on a balcony.

SEMBRA is a new initiative whose primary objective is to help all those families and individuals who want to have a vegetable garden at home.

Mission and vision

The vision of SEMBRA is to facilitate urban gardening with an extensive range of professional quality products adapted to all levels of experience. Our mission is to introduce a vegetable garden in everyone’s life.


Continuously create pedagogical contents at all levels. Bring the green to the city and people in a sustainable way. Return to the origins and the ability to create with your own hands.


150 years of history of Semillas Fitó with the family garden. Encourage constantly the ability to bring closer traditional natural things to today's society. Add different professional profiles to reach excellence.

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